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Are bret michaels and mindy hall dating

The big flip of the show is I went in there to be the rock star who dates these girls, but in some sick twist, I became the voice of reason — which is really scary!

It’s almost like I was the therapist and the girls were crazy rock stars.

She has herself listed as being in a relationship on her myspace. During the elaborate musical number that featured Dolly Parton, Elton John and Liza Minnelli, the reality star was knocked to the ground after running into a piece of scenery.

She also blogged about her relationship with Bret saying – Bret and I are doing great! He had hit the stage to perform “Nothin’ But a Good Time” with his band Poison and the cast of Broadway’s Bret informed Usmagazine before the accident, “I came here for one reason – to put on the show and then go party. He always does spoofs of people, and I think what he did was great.

“And working out is very therapeutic for me.” It also helps that she and Michaels will remain great friends.

is also reporting that Bret’s tour bus suffered an accident recently, but fortunately no injuries were reported.But with him touring so much and me trying to travel and work, we just didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to our relationship. We’re both bummed.” In a release from VH1, a rep for the rock star confirmed: “Bret and Ambre Lake really tried to make it work and although they still remain close friends, between his tour line-up and her work schedule there’s no time for a relationship.” Lake adds, “It’s a lot of pressure. We never put a label on us saying, ‘We are boyfriend-girlfriend.’ But when a budding romance is happening like that and you don’t have a lot of time to see each other, you’re being pulled in so many directions.” She also says there were no third parties involved. “I’ve never thought that he was seeing other or anything like that.” Lake, who recently moved to L. from her native Chicago to pursue her career, also made it clear that she completely backs Michaels’s decision to take the show on the road for a third installment.This time it’s called and the women vying for his affection will follow the rocker on a month-long tour across the country. ” says Lake, who plans to watch the new season and is happy to be a sounding board for Michaels.“I can’t stress enough that I support his decision.He’s going to take it on the road, and that’s where he spends the majority of his life.I had just come out of this relationship, have two daughters and like my privacy. Three months later, VH1 came back and said you’re the one we want to do it.You throw a good party, you can hold half a conversation and still got a few brain cells left [].What a great concept.” How will she cope with the heartbreak in the meantime?“I’ve been surrounding myself with close friends and I’m visiting my family next week,” says Lake.“We’re still going to talk, we’re still going to support each other.I’m going to his concert in Atlanta in a couple weeks.


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