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When Google's chief privacy officer admitted to the Senate that the company is working on a secret project called 'Dragonfly,' he refused to say what it is.

According to previous reports, Dragonfly is the codename for the censored search engine Google has been developing for China since 2017 -- a search engine that can automatically identify websites banned by the country's infamous firewall and can remove them from the results page.

The Intercept published another report about Google's censored search engine built for China code named Dragonfly.

This time The Intercept wrote about a memo that circulated within Google. The memo said that users would have to log into Dragonfly in order to use Search.

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Additionally, Data would be sent to a database in Taiwan. The Chinese partner could add terms to blacklist, [UNKNOWN] search and, quote, selectively edit search result pages unilaterally and with few controls seemingly in place, end quote. The Pixel 3 may have been listed on a Chinese site and it looks like it could cost around 9. You can now choose from three audio quality levels. Google held an AMA and explained, quote, right now we don't have any plans for quality higher than 256kbps.

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Information would then be shared with the Chinese partner.

That partner would have quote unilateral access to the data.


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