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Erika fraser dating 30039

So I'm continuing to work on it, just doing bits and pieces while trying to finish up some more prominent writings.(Teen Wolf/TV Series)- Going through a major overhaul!I have a partiality to OC's developed for my favorite characters, even though I love plenty of canon pairings as well, but there's just something about a special new character that I adore.Which is probably made obvious since that's what I lean toward in my stories!Author has written 19 stories for Teen Wolf, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Twilight, Maze Runner Trilogy, Sons of Anarchy, Animal Kingdom, Skins, Purge, 2013, Being Human, Fear the Walking Dead, Midnight Texas Series, Lost Boys, and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. (: I'm a girl in her twenties, just trying to succeed at this adulting thing!I've got a love for wildflowers, baking the perfect batch of holiday cookies, just about every fall-scented candle I can get my hands on, traveling to beautiful places, a crisp breeze in autumn and the crunch of snow in winter. Stumbling upon Fan Fiction has grown into one of my favorite past times, and turned out to be the perfect outlet when life got a bit tough afterwards.I love the creativity this site sparks, and thoroughly enjoy reading other's works involving my favorite characters, because sometimes the original plot line just isn't enough.I guess that's all part of being a fan, we're always left wanting more.

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This one person will change the future of everyone in Mystic Falls."You know, I think I've figured out what it is that you want in life." "Oh, and what's that? Life on the Ark is too dull for you, a girl who wants to experience the world in colour."Claire - a seventeen-year-old blonde cheerleader - has woken up in the Vampire Diaries' world after making an innocent wish. She has replaced her favorite female character, Caroline Forbes. The last thing she needs is the notorious badass biker boy Jax screwing around with her heart. Lily has grown up around the club, being best friends with Jax Teller will do that to you. Unfortunately, life threw a curve ball and it nailed her in the abdomen, in the form of an infamous purple Lamborghini.

Charlotte Forbes: the shy little sister of Caroline Forbes, the ex-best-friend of Jeremy Gilbert, or the 'Prima Donna Ballerina' according to Vicki Donavon. Starts with season one episode 1What happens when Elena Gilbert isn't Stefan and Damon Salvatore's main priority?

With her sister in charge of all things social, Charlotte is constantly thrown into high school drama she'd rather avoid. What happens if it is now a girl that nobody really noticed before? Rowan's life will be forever changed from the moment Jax Teller crashes into her life, literally.

How will she survive political intrigue, assassinations and the decadence of sin? For years, Marvolo, working hard to create change, forgot about the existence of soulmates, until one day, decades later, a purple flower appears on his hand. She's just a normal girl trying to make it through high school and keep her best friend from being too much of a jerk until she comes across a scared girl in the woods . At the age of ten, Maisie Thompson saw a vampire..just didn't know it at the time.

She also didn't know that, several years later, that first vampire would connect her to another down the line: One Jasper Hale, to be exact.


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