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Mandating overtime and patient safety speed dating au belmont

It does not address individuals who are employed as nurse's aides or patient care aides in hospitals. She notes that Danbury Hospital, through their collective bargaining agreement, does not require mandatory overtime. Pelletier would like to know if Danbury Hospital doesn't require mandatory overtime, why do other hospitals have no choice but to require it. Pelletier also stated her concern about the familial relationship of nurses.

Noting that the profession is mainly women, "many of whom are single mothers", there is a need for those nurses to be available to their children, otherwise incurring the cost of additional childcare and stress.

The union president is made aware of the situation when emergency coverage is required.

The testimony states that most patients in hospitals today are in critical need of care, regardless of where the patient is in the hospital and adequate staffing is pursued.

Sect 1(1) refers to a "nurse's aide registered pursuant to chapter 378a of the general statutes." This reference is unclear, as chapter 378a refers to nurse's aides working in nursing homes. Her testimony indicates that there is no nursing shortage in the United States, and that the shortage falls only on "bedside duty" nurses, mainly due to mandatory overtime.

If the "on call" time is considered overtime, it would adversely affect the staffing levels of the operating rooms and the ability for hospitals to provide emergency surgery.

This same concern also applies to the Post-Anesthesia Care Units (PACU).

Hospital staffing levels are implemented with the patients care in mind and any statute addressing this issue should be careful done so as not to supersede the hospital management's ability to ensure adequate staffing. Mandatory overtime is used as a last resort to ensure the care and safety of patients.

While the bill does address certain times and departments when mandatory overtime is necessary, it fails to address the patient care implications.


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