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Sophos antivirus always updating Nofeesex

Still, when it comes to lower-than-usual battery life, the culprit is less likely to be malware, and more likely to be an operating system upgrade or a buggy app that you've recently installed.

Also, some spy software apps can increase the use of your battery so look out for any sudden changes in your battery life – does it need charging more often.

"Trojans, generally speaking, are for financial purposes, and don't want to tip off the infected." In other words, such apps try to remain stealthy, perhaps even staying dormant before some period of time before going to work.

Then again, any poorly coded software - which of course could include malware - might lead to excessive battery drain.

A hacker who picks up control of your mobile will have the capacity to send texts, make calls, or get to the web.

This will change your call history, sent text messages, or different capacities unknown to the client.

Also as recommended you should perform scheduled scans on all files and folders including those excluded files and folders.

Yet there are some signs that show whether your phone has been hacked by someone or not.

If let's say 80% of your memory is consumed by an unknown background process, there's a pretty good chance your phone is compromised.

A mixture of different tips and tweaks for various Citrix products.

If I come across others that I feel are of use I will add them to this post.


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