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While staying on the island of Kauai, my Wife and I enjoyed these drinks nightly from the lanai of our rented condo.This drink makes use of a local favorite fruit beverage know as POG or Pass-O-Guava (passion fruit, orange, and guava juice).Most now know this drink as a slus-puppie style beverage, however the original, served straight up, is delicious, JFK's favourite aperitif!Variations: The "Hemingway" daiquiri is the same as the regular recipe with the addition of grapefruit and maraschino liqueur, alternatively fresh fruits work a treat, particularly banana and strawberry.

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A cocktail which is making a huge come-back now that its being made more oftern with real fruit and not artficial flavours, a well balenced cocktail good for any time and any place. This one has great fresh summer flavors and the cardamom is a nice reference to the Trinidad food culture where the majority of the Denizen Rum blend is sourced. Add rum, apple brandy, creme de peche, lime juice, lemon juice, and bitters. With an old fashioned style, it begs to be sipped, savoured and re-visited, just what the doctor ordered after a hard day at work. Freshly squeezed clementine juice replaces orange juice, and orange bitters are added to round out the flavors. When you have left the working world for a break, kick your shoes off, sit down, anchor your feet in the surf, and relax.This tasty twist on the typical daiquiri is credited to the legendary Don the Beachcomber.The Parfait Amour liqueur imparts a 'regal' purple color to the drink, and adds orange and vanilla notes.Sugar Mama Dating: Get Sugar Mamas connection today – Sugar Mama connection and Sugar Mama dating can not be over emphasized.This is because most women these days are seriously and constantly seeking for love from younger and stronger men. The main reason why some men are rich today is through the help of these Sugar Mamas.This version substitute the Allspice dram (liqueur)with syrup. Stir all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktailglas, aromatize with orange rind by twisting it over the drink and placing it in the cocktail. What I learned was 1 sweet, 2 sour, 3 strong, 4 weak.This drink is not the THE SYRUPS Allspice syrup: Place 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and 6 level tablsp crushed dried allspice berries into a saucepan. The dry version is with dry vermouth (I prefer Noilly Prat); the "dulce" is with a little less Curaçao and 0,1 ounce of Grenadine. Other recipes I've seen have 1 sour and 2 sweet.Add two teaspoons of sugar and muddle the lime and sugar together first. Combine rum and mint leaves in a shaker and muddle well to release the menthol into the rum.Then add 5 mint leaves and muddle lightly again, not to break the mint leaves into pieces. Float the Sloe Gin on the top and let everything sit for one minute. Add orange liqueur, agave nectar, bitters, and ice and shake.Flor de Caña’s Seersucker libation is poised to become as timeless as the fabric itself this summer season. Add 1/2 oz float of sherry on the top - this keeps the drinks 'kick' as the ice waters it down. In ice cube tray, cut fresh pineapple cubes, top up with water or ginger beer/ale and freeze. Add 2oz of Mount Gay Eclipse Silver rum.(if frozen with water add a dash of ginger beer/ale) Place Sherbet in blender. Mix all of the ingredients and serve with plenty of ice (the weak ingredient).Garnish with a hunk of pineapple and cherry skewered w/a mini sword. Pour all of these ingredients in a shaker, shake briefly and strain over fresh ice in a tall glass or punch cup. Garnish with seasonal fruit (berries, pineapple pieces) a citrus wheel and a sprig of mint. If you can let it sit in the glass for a bit to let some ice melt it should be just right.


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