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Updating a hacked psp

We’d at least like to fix the combining issues before the next release.

I have been keeping Wii64 up to date behind the scenes with all the various lib OGC changes/advancements.

After confirming that the Firmware 6.61 has barely changed (compared to firmware 6.60), developer Qwikrazor has updated the PRO CFW (partly) and the 6.60 Downgrader (once again, partly) to support the firmware 6.61.

The ME & LME CFWs are currently being updated as well.

Since the PSP E1000 can only install the firmwares (6.50 as pre-installed, no installer available) 6.60 and 6.61, and the downgrader can not downgrade to 6.60, it (the PSP E1000) is currently not supported by the 6.61 downgrader. We expect that the PRO CFW c IPL Flasher will be fixed in the future, and a newer version of the downgrader be available soon~ish.

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The storm caused an estimated billion to 5 billion in damage.Now that the excuses/truth are out of the way, it’s time to actually divulge the progress (or lack thereof) we’ve made.Tehpola has been working out the finer/final details surrounding the design and implementation of the new recompiler core which we’ve simply labelled “rec2″.In the most remote regions of the island, 83% of households were without electricity for the entire period.Power disruptions left hospitals unable to operate sophisticated pharmaceutical and medical equipment that is dependent on electricity.If you ask why I wrote partly behind the PRO CFW and Downgrader, then you’re asking the right questions.At first the PRO CFW: I said partly because Qwikrazor did not update the c IPL Installer for the PRO CFW (only supports PSP 1000s & non-88v3 2000s), which means there is not “full CFW” for firmware 6.61 as of now.Before you all ask, why haven’t you released partial builds with the above features?It’s simply because, due to the recompiler changes, major parts of the emulator are unstable or totally broken when compared to the last publicly released version.PRO CFW should properly work as a temporary CFW on any PSP (be it a 1000, 2000, any of the different 3000s, an E1000 or the Go), though. The downgrader is capable of downgrading PSPs from firmware 6.61 to a lower firmware, but it is currently not capable of downgrading from 6.61 to 6.60.You will have to downgrade to 6.39 and then update to 6.60, if you really want to return to firmware 6.60.


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