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Updating my katana phone tom brady dating bridgette

You can protect your privacy, security, and cell phone bill by paying attention to permissions when installing apps – although many users...and found that it took four screenshots just to show all the things it requested access for. The bottom line is that unless you’re a Facebook addict, you’re probably better off uninstalling the official Facebook app. Well, there are a few third-party Facebook apps for Android.Swipe for Facebook is far better than all the alternatives because it gets the small details right, from switching tabs with a swipe to using Chrome Custom Tabs, using the Swipe and Chrome combination is actually brilliant.If you want to learn more, get in touch with the developer on his Reddit thread. Download: Swipe for Facebook for Android (Free)Google Chrome is heavily baked into Android now.So the above testament tells you that Facebook affects performance, but just how much?Redditor pbrandes_eth tested the effects of uninstalling Facebook and the results were shocking.Its new features make it a good idea to visit the mobile Facebook site instead of downloading any app.For example, you can now get or disable Facebook notifications in Chrome.

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What he found was that apps started up to 15% faster, and the general overall performance was better too.Here’s Redditor Templaer Dude’s testament: I have a piece of junk Samsung Grand Prime, it has been unbearably slow in every regard and is easily the worst smartphone I’d ever owned…until last week when I saw that hot tip posted on here.Having more than 3 things open does not mean my phone moves at a literal snail’s pace.Things that would (and I expected to) crash on a daily basis have not crashed since then.Ladies and Gentlemen, since I have uninstalled Facebook it has been like my phone has been given a new lease on life.Apps load when I press the button, not 5 seconds later.Those who want all of Facebook’s features without its many bloated features will like this app.Its major problem is that it doesn’t look all that great — kind of like the mobile Facebook site.Just to check the impact, I fired up the Facebook app on my phone.I don’t use Facebook much, and it’s mostly through the desktop, not mobile.


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