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One of Taraji P Henson boyfriends used to be Terrence Howard.

Although these were only rumors, the couple was really believed to be an item.

It began with Leanne Manas who interviewed SABC chairperson Bongumusa Makhathini on Morning Live on SABC2 who said "Even if we get a bailout tomorrow, we still need to tackle the cost structure, and the cost structure of the SABC is driven by a number of things. (More detail about that interview and possible implications for SA's TV production industry here) Madoda Mxakwe, SABC CEO, in an interview with SABC News on Tuesday afternoon revealed that freelance workers cost the SABC R25 million per year, SABC executive directors are paid R12 million per year, and that the SABC's group executives are paid R25 million per year.

It means that the SABC's small group of top executives are paid as much as the 2 400 freelance workers employed by the SABC.

All of these." He said it's "operational" and that "there's a lot of things that we are doing there".

Hannes du Buisson, Bemawu president, representing the biggest trade union inside the SABC, said Bemawu is shocked and saddened by the decision.

” Rumors of Henson and 34-year-old Hayden’s pairing began in December 2015 after photos of the pair holding hands in Miami surfaced.In addition, it has been stated that Terrence Howard was really in love with Lori Mc Commas and wanted to get back with her together again but it failed.After the rumors about him and Taraji P Henson came to an end, he got into a relationship with Michelle Ghent."To cut heads, to butcher about 2 200 people, put them out on the street - it's a quick solution but that is not necessarily the correct solution." Hannes du Buisson told SABC News in an interview on Tuesday that "there seems to be something sinister about this whole process.It seems that the current SABC management are hell-bent to get rid of current SABC employees and then want to fill those positions with other people from outside the SABC". ” Henson, 47, captioned a picture of her massive sparkler. I just am,” the “Empire” actress shared Thursday on Essence’s “Yes, Girl! Henson announced early Monday that she said yes to boyfriend Kelvin Hayden’s marriage proposal. He started with the Cartier love bracelet BUT that was my #Mothersday gift and then he dropped to his knee and I almost passed out!!! "Then there's a very thick layer at management level.You have about 495 managers and the cost of that is about R620 million," said Madoda Mxakwe.In 2012, Terrence Howard daughter Aubrey gave birth to her first child and he became a grandfather.Also, in 2009 Taraji P Henson was in a relationship with Lamar Odorn.


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